How Much Do AAA Tow Truck Drivers Make?

AAA tow truck drivers provide a valuable service to their customers, helping them out of difficult situations with their vehicles. As a result, they often make decent wages and get to enjoy the satisfaction of helping people in need. But just how much do AAA tow truck drivers make?


AAA tow truck driver salaries vary greatly depending on the region and company they work for, but generally speaking, tow truck drivers earn an average annual salary of $38,000. This is slightly below the national average for all occupations, which is $45,000 per year. However, some AAA tow truck drivers may have access to additional benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans which can increase their overall earnings.

Bonus and Commission

In addition to a salary, some AAA tow truck drivers may also be eligible for bonuses or commissions based on the number of jobs they complete.

For example, one company may offer a bonus if a driver completes more than 10 jobs in a month while another may offer a commission based on the total amount of money earned from completed jobs. This can be an effective way to increase overall earnings for those who are willing to put in extra effort.


Another way that AAA tow truck drivers can increase their earnings is through tips from customers. Although tipping is not required by law, it is often seen as an expected form of appreciation for services rendered. The amount of tips received will depend on the customer’s satisfaction with the job completed as well as any additional services performed such as providing roadside assistance or responding quickly to an emergency situation.


Overall, AAA tow truck drivers can make decent wages depending on the region and company they work for as well as any bonuses or commissions earned from completing jobs and tips received from satisfied customers. While this wage may not always be competitive with other occupations, it does provide job security and satisfaction in knowing that you are helping people out when they are in need.

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