How Much Does a Snow Plow for a Pickup Truck Weigh?

A snowplow for a pickup truck is an essential tool for clearing snow from driveways, parking lots, and roads. It can help you get from one place to another in the winter months without having to worry about getting stuck in the deep snow. But how much does this useful tool weigh?

The weight of a snowplow for a pickup truck depends on several factors, such as the size of the plow and its construction materials. Smaller plows typically weigh less than larger ones because they don’t require as much steel construction or heavy-duty hydraulics. The average weight of a 7 foot blade type snowplow is usually between 500-600 pounds, while a larger 10 foot blade type plow can weigh up to 1,400 pounds.

The construction materials also play an important role in determining the weight of a snowplow.

Steel is usually used for the frame and blades of most plows, while other materials like aluminum are sometimes used to reduce weight. Heavier duty hydraulic systems will also add to the overall weight of a plow.

In addition to the size and materials used, other factors such as accessories like lights and markers can affect how much your snowplow weighs. These accessories are typically made from lightweight materials like plastic or aluminum, but they can still add up when it comes to overall weight.


The exact weight of a snowplow for a pickup truck will depend on several factors, including its size and construction materials used. Generally speaking, smaller plows tend to be lighter than larger ones with heavier duty hydraulics and additional accessories like lights or markers adding extra weight. On average, 7 foot blade type plows usually weigh between 500-600 pounds while 10 foot blade type ones can weigh up to 1,400 pounds.

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