How Much Will a Tesla Semi Truck Cost?

The Tesla Semi Truck is an all-electric Class 8 semi truck which is set to be released in 2019. The Tesla Semi is expected to be a revolutionary addition to the world of freight and long-distance transport, offering a zero emission alternative to diesel trucks.

The Tesla Semi has been designed to reduce costs and increase safety for drivers and cargo, as well as providing significant environmental benefits.

Tesla has already released some information about the Semi Truck, including its range and performance capabilities. The truck will have a range of up to 500 miles on a single charge, with the capability of recharging up to 400 miles in 30 minutes using Tesla’s Megacharger network. It will also feature improved safety technology such as enhanced autopilot and automatic emergency braking.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also revealed that the Semi Truck will have an impressive power output, with acceleration from 0-60 mph in five seconds without a trailer, and 0-60 mph in 20 seconds when fully loaded.

The cost of the Tesla Semi Truck is still unknown, but according to some estimates it could be around $150,000 for the base model. There are also reports that Tesla may offer leasing options for the semi truck at around $3,000-4,000 per month.


The Tesla Semi Truck is set to revolutionize freight transportation when it hits the roads in 2019. While its exact cost is still unknown, estimates suggest it could be around $150,000 for the base model or available through leasing options at around $3,000-4,000 per month.

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