How Wide Is a Pickup Truck Ford?

A pickup truck Ford is a workhorse, a reliable and powerful machine that can be used for many different tasks. It’s a great vehicle for hauling and towing heavy loads, and it has plenty of space for cargo. But just how wide is a pickup truck Ford?

The exact width of a pickup truck Ford can vary depending on the model and year. Generally speaking, though, most pickup trucks Ford are about 80 inches wide from one side to the other.

That measurement includes the width of the mirrors and other accessories that may be on the outside of the vehicle.

For comparison, typical SUVs are about 70-75 inches wide on the outside. This means that a pickup truck Ford is roughly 10-15 inches wider than an SUV, giving it more room inside for passengers and cargo. It also gives it more stability when hauling heavy loads.

In addition to being wider than an SUV, a pickup truck Ford also has higher ground clearance than most cars or trucks. This allows it to handle rougher terrain better than other vehicles, making it ideal for off-road adventures or trips into remote areas.

The Bottom Line:

A pickup truck Ford is a great vehicle for many different purposes, from hauling and towing heavy loads to exploring off-road trails. It is approximately 80 inches wide from one side to the other, which is roughly 10-15 inches wider than most SUVs. This makes it more stable when carrying heavy loads as well as able to handle tougher terrain better than some other vehicles.


Pickup trucks Ford provide drivers with plenty of power and space for cargo while still being relatively easy to maneuver in tight spaces. With its width of approximately 80 inches and its higher ground clearance compared to cars or SUVs, it’s no wonder why so many people choose this type of vehicle when they need durability and versatility in one package.

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