Is a Wrecker the Same as a Tow Truck?

A wrecker and a tow truck are both vehicles used for hauling away and transporting other cars, but they aren’t the same thing. While both are used for towing, they serve different purposes and involve different equipment.

The Purpose of a Wrecker

A wrecker is designed to transport a vehicle from one place to another after an accident or breakdown. It is typically larger than a tow truck and is equipped with a winch, which can be used to pull the damaged vehicle onto it’s platform. It also has secure straps to keep the car in place during transport.

The Purpose of a Tow Truck

A tow truck is designed for removal of illegally parked vehicles, and is usually not equipped with any special tools such as a winch. Instead, it uses chains or cables to attach the car and pull it onto its flatbed platform.

The Difference in Cost Between Wreckers and Tow Trucks

Wreckers tend to be more expensive than tow trucks due to their specialized equipment, size, and weight capacity.

They also require more maintenance than tow trucks since they need regular checkups on their winch system.


Is a wrecker the same as a tow truck? No, they are two distinct vehicles with different purposes. While both are used in hauling away cars, wreckers require specialized equipment that make them more expensive than tow trucks.

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