Is Bigfoot Monster Truck Retired?

Bigfoot Monster Truck has become a household name all over the world, thanks to its impressive feats in the monster truck circuit. The truck made its debut in 1979 and has since become an icon of the sport.

Its popularity is such that it even inspired a toy line and video game franchises. But after decades of thrilling fans, is Bigfoot Monster Truck retired?

The short answer is yes, Bigfoot Monster Truck is retired. After more than 40 years of racing, the iconic vehicle was officially retired in 2020.

The news came as a shock to many fans, who had grown accustomed to seeing the truck roar around tracks all over the world.

But while it may be retired from racing, that doesn’t mean Bigfoot Monster Truck has disappeared entirely. In fact, it remains an iconic symbol of the sport and continues to be featured at monster truck events around the country.

You can even find replicas of the vehicle available for purchase online.

Aside from being an icon of monster trucks, Bigfoot Monster Truck also holds an important place in automotive history. It was one of the first vehicles to utilize four-wheel drive technology, which allowed it to go faster and more efficiently than other vehicles on the track at that time.

In addition to its historical significance, Bigfoot Monster Truck was also renowned for its design and power. It was fitted with a powerful engine that could generate up to 500 horsepower, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 80 mph on certain tracks. Its unique design also set it apart from other vehicles on the track.


Yes, Bigfoot Monster Truck is officially retired from racing after more than 40 years on tracks all over the world. However, although the vehicle is no longer competing in races, its legacy will live on as an iconic symbol of monster trucks and automotive history. Replicas are still available for purchase online and you can find them at monster truck events across the country.

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