Is Dodge Going to Make a Midsize Pickup Truck?

Dodge has been in the business of manufacturing pickup trucks for a long time. The brand is well-known for its range of full-size pickup trucks, but recently there have been rumors that the company might be looking to enter the midsize pickup truck market as well.

The midsize truck segment is one that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with companies such as Toyota, Honda and Ford all offering their own versions. These vehicles are popular because they offer the same capabilities as a full-size truck while being more compact and fuel efficient. It seems like Dodge is looking to capitalize on this trend with its own entry into the market.

Dodge has yet to officially confirm or deny these rumors, but there are many signs that point towards a possible new midsize pickup truck from the company. There have been patent filings and spy shots of what appears to be a midsize truck from Dodge, as well as reports from inside sources that suggest that the company is indeed working on such a vehicle.

It remains to be seen whether Dodge will make an official announcement about their plans for a midsize pickup truck or not. If they do decide to go ahead with it, then it could be an exciting addition to their lineup and could help them better compete in the highly competitive midsize truck market.


Based on all of the evidence available, it seems likely that Dodge will eventually make an announcement about producing a midsize pickup truck. However, until they do so officially, nothing is certain.

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