Is Hyundai Going to Make a Pickup Truck?

Hyundai is no stranger to the pickup truck game, having had a stake in the market since 1998. The Korean automaker has been producing its light-duty Santa Cruz and midsize Santa Fe models since then. But with the American pickup truck market booming, Hyundai is now looking to invest even more resources into developing a full-size pickup truck.

The news was first reported by Automotive News in August of this year, and it seems that Hyundai is ramping up its efforts to bring a full-size pickup truck to market by 2021. According to the report, Hyundai is currently in talks with U.S. suppliers and has already begun development on the new vehicle.

The new full-size pickup truck will reportedly be based on the same platform as the Santa Cruz, which was introduced in 2016 and is currently sold only in North America. This means that Hyundai would be able to leverage existing technology and parts for its new model, reducing costs and shortening development time.

Hyundai’s new full-size pickup truck will compete directly with established heavyweights such as Ford’s F-150 and GM’s Silverado/Sierra models. This could be a challenging task for Hyundai as these vehicles have decades of history behind them and are already firmly entrenched in the American psyche as being go-to options for reliable pickups.

However, Hyundai does have one big advantage over its competition: price point. The company has a track record of producing vehicles that are well built but cost significantly less than their competitors, which could give them an edge if they decide to enter the full-size pickup market with their own model.

Hyundai will also need to differentiate itself from other automakers by offering features that set it apart from the competition such as improved fuel economy or innovative technologies that could give their vehicle an edge over others on the market.

At this point it remains unclear if Hyundai will actually make a full-size pickup truck or not, but what is certain is that it would be an interesting entry into an already crowded marketplace if they do decide to move forward with their plans.

Conclusion: It remains uncertain if Hyundai will develop a full-size pickup truck or not; however, they have been making moves towards production of such a vehicle which suggests they could enter this crowded marketplace sometime in 2021 with a competitively priced vehicle featuring innovative technology and fuel efficiency improvements over current models on the market today.

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