Is Subaru Going to Build a Pickup Truck?

Subaru is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that has been around since the 1950s. In recent years, Subaru has become a household name for its dependable, all-wheel-drive vehicles. Subaru has continued to improve its lineup of vehicles with exciting new features and technologies, and now there is speculation that the company may be considering the development of a pickup truck.

The idea of Subaru building a pickup truck isn’t necessarily new. The company has flirted with the idea before in the past, even going so far as to announce plans to build one back in 2003.

However, those plans were eventually scrapped in favor of other projects. Now, more than a decade later, rumors have resurfaced that Subaru might be looking into building a pickup truck.

The potential for Subaru to build a pickup truck could be huge. The company already has a loyal fan base and well-established reputation for quality vehicles, so it stands to reason that they could easily capture market share from other automakers with such an offering. Plus, Subaru already produces cars and SUVs with all-wheel drive capabilities, so adding another vehicle option with similar features could be an attractive proposition for many consumers.

It’s important to note that at this point in time there is no official word from Subaru about whether or not they are actually planning on building a pickup truck. However, given their past interest in the concept and current market conditions, it seems like it could be something worth exploring further.


At this time there is no official confirmation from Subaru regarding whether they are actually going to build a pickup truck or not. However given their past interest in the concept and current market conditions it appears that this is something worth considering further by the company as it could potentially open up new opportunities for them moving forward.

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