Is There a Mustang Pickup Truck?

Mustang Pickup Truck?

The Mustang is a classic American muscle car that has been around for generations. It’s renowned for its powerful engine and stylish design, but what about a Mustang pickup truck? Could this legendary car be turned into a pickup truck?

The idea of a Mustang pickup truck has been around for decades and has been discussed off and on by many car enthusiasts. Ford actually experimented with the idea in the early 1970s, creating a prototype known as the “Mustang II Mach I”.

The design was based on the 1974 Mustang II, with an extended cab and bed added onto it. Unfortunately, Ford never released this model to the public.

There have been other attempts to convert the Mustang into a pickup over the years, but none have been successful. One of the more ambitious projects was created in 2019 by Ford Performance, who developed a custom pickup based on the sixth-generation Mustang. This project was intended to be part of an online competition, but it never came to fruition due to cost concerns.

Despite these failed attempts, there are still some who are hopeful that Ford will eventually create a production version of the Mustang pickup truck. After all, Ford already produces a variety of other pickups such as the Ranger and F-150. There is also speculation that they may be working on an electric version of the Mustang that could be used as a platform for such a vehicle.

Whether or not Ford ever releases an official version of the Mustang pickup truck remains to be seen. For now, enthusiasts can only speculate about what could have been and hope that one day their dream will become reality.


Despite multiple attempts over decades to turn this iconic muscle car into a pickup truck, none have ever achieved success in doing so yet – however there is still hope that one day Ford will release an official version of their own Mustang pickup truck and make this dream come true for enthusiasts around the world!

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