What Are Side Rails on a Truck Bed For?

Side rails on a truck bed are an essential feature that can provide many benefits for the owner. They are typically made from stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any make or model of truck.

Side rails add both aesthetic appeal and practical utility to the vehicle.

The primary purpose of side rails is to protect the bed of the truck from damage caused by cargo shifting during transport. The sides of the bed are usually made from sheet metal which can be easily dented or scratched when hauling heavy items.

Side rails help keep cargo in place while also providing an additional barrier between the cargo and the truck body.

In addition to protecting the bed of a truck, side rails can also be used to create additional storage space for smaller items such as tools or camping gear. Many side rail systems come with integrated tie-down points, allowing them to be used as anchor points for securing cargo to the bed of the truck.

Side rails are also great for those who enjoy customizing their trucks with extra accessories such as light bars, roll bars, and other aftermarket parts. These accessories can be attached directly to side rails without drilling into the body of the vehicle, thus preserving its structural integrity and resale value.


In conclusion, side rails on a truck bed provide many practical benefits such as protecting it from damage caused by cargo shifting during transport, creating extra storage space for smaller items, and allowing accessories like light bars or roll bars to be attached without damaging the body of the vehicle.

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