What Are the Holes on the Side of a Truck Bed For?

Trucks are a common sight on roads and highways all over the country. While they may look similar, there are a few features that can differentiate one truck from another.

One such feature are the mysterious holes located on the side of some truck beds. But what are they for?

The holes on the sides of truck beds are actually mounting points for tie-down rings. These rings, when attached to the bed, provide an anchor point for various items to be secured in the bed of the truck. This is especially useful when carrying heavier items like furniture or building supplies.

Tie-down rings can be used to secure cargo in two ways. The first is to use straps or ropes that go through the ring and around the cargo.

This method is usually used when carrying lighter loads as it doesn’t require any additional hardware. The second is to use specialized tie-down hardware that attaches directly to the ring. This method provides more stability and security for heavier loads.

In addition to tie-down rings, some trucks also have mounting points for toolboxes and other storage containers. These containers provide a convenient way to keep tools and other supplies organized while also keeping them secure in the bed of the truck.


The holes located on the sides of some truck beds have an important purpose: they provide an anchor point for securing cargo using tie-down rings or specialized hardware. This makes it easier and safer to transport heavier items in a truck bed without worrying about them shifting during transit.

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