What Are the Bars in the Bed of a Truck Called?

The bars in the bed of a truck are typically referred to as ‘truck bed rails’. These bars are typically made of steel, aluminum, or plastic and can be found along the sides, front and back of the truck bed. They are designed to provide extra stability and protection to cargo while in transport.

Truck bed rails not only add protection to cargo, but they also provide additional anchoring points for tie-downs and other securing devices. This is especially helpful when hauling larger items that need more secure fastening points than what is available with the standard tie-down rings on the side walls of the bed. In addition, these rails also provide an aesthetically pleasing look to any truck, giving it a more finished appearance.

Aside from providing extra security for cargo, truck bed rails also have many other practical uses.

Certain applications allow these bars to be used as racks for hauling ladders or long cargo such as lumber or pipe. Other uses include providing extra tie-down points for securing a trailer hitch or bike rack.

When shopping for truck bed rails there are several things that should be considered before making a purchase. It is important to first measure the length and width of your truck’s bed in order to get an accurate size for your rail kit. Additionally, check with your local laws and regulations regarding aftermarket modifications such as adding side steps or running boards which may require additional components.


Truck bed rails are an essential part of any pickup truck owner’s toolkit, providing added stability and protection while hauling cargo as well as offering additional anchoring points for tie-downs and racks. When looking for a set of these bars it is important to take into account measurements of your truck’s bed as well as any local regulations regarding aftermarket modifications.

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