What Are the Tracks in My Truck Bed For?

Your truck bed is a great feature of your vehicle, and it’s important to know what the various tracks are for. The tracks in the truck bed are used to secure cargo and provide secure mounting points for a variety of accessories.

The most common type of track found in truck beds is the stake pocket track. This track is designed to fit into the stake pockets on either side of the bed and provides an anchor point for a variety of tie-down straps, bungee cords, or other accessories. The stake pocket track also allows you to easily adjust the tension on whatever items you’re securing with it.

Another type of track commonly found in truck beds is the T-slot track.

This type of track has a T-shaped groove that allows you to securely mount items such as toolboxes, bike racks, and more without having to drill any holes into your bed.

The third type of track is the rail-type track, which features an adjustable rail that can be used to mount a range of accessories such as lights, antennas, or even gun racks. These rails can also be used with special brackets and adapters that allow you to attach other items such as storage containers or fishing rod holders.

Finally, there are also universal tracks that can be used with any type of accessory in order to provide additional secure mounting points in your truck bed. These tracks typically come with various adapters that allow them to be installed in almost any location within your truck bed.


The tracks found in truck beds provide secure mounting points for a variety of accessories, making it easier and safer than ever before to carry all kinds of items securely in your vehicle. With so many different types and styles available, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly.

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