What Happened to Big Foot Monster Truck?

Big Foot Monster Truck is a legendary monster truck that was created in 1974 by Bob Chandler. The truck was an instant hit, and it quickly became one of the most popular monster trucks in the world. Big Foot Monster Truck has made appearances in many movies, television shows, and at various events over the years.

Big Foot Monster Truck was originally designed to be a show truck that could perform spectacular stunts and attract crowds. It featured a large, powerful engine, huge tires, and a custom paint job that made it stand out from other vehicles.

Big Foot Monster Truck performed feats such as jumping over cars and performing wheelies. It also featured an array of special effects including smoke machines and loud sound systems.

In recent years, Big Foot Monster Truck has become less visible in the monster truck community. It has not appeared at major events or been featured in major media outlets for some time now. This has caused many people to speculate about what happened to Big Foot Monster Truck.

One theory is that Bob Chandler retired from monster truck racing after more than 40 years of involvement with the sport. This would explain why Big Foot Monster Truck hasn’t been seen in recent years. Another theory is that Bob Chandler sold the truck to another driver who may have taken it out of circulation for his own personal use.

Regardless of what happened to Big Foot Monster Truck, it will always remain an iconic part of monster truck history. The legacy of this legendary vehicle will live on through its fans and admirers who still remember its awe-inspiring stunts and performances.


What happened to Big Foot Monster Truck is still uncertain but many believe that Bob Chandler either retired or sold it off to another driver who decided to take it out of circulation for personal use. Although its presence may no longer be felt within the monster truck community, its iconic legacy will forever remain with its fans and admirers.

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