What Happened to El Diablo Monster Truck?

El Diablo Monster Truck is a name that has been at the forefront of the monster truck racing industry since its inception in 1993. The truck was created and owned by legendary driver Mike Vaters and operated by his son, Mike Vaters Jr. The truck is widely credited with helping to popularize monster truck racing and revolutionizing the sport.

El Diablo had a unique design, featuring an angled cab and a wide stance that allowed it to maneuver more easily around tight turns. It also featured a powerful engine that provided explosive acceleration and impressive power for its size. El Diablo has won numerous races, including the Monster Jam World Finals in both 1995 and 1996, making it one of the most successful monster trucks of all time.

Despite its success, El Diablo was retired from competition in 2002 after Mike Vaters Jr. suffered an injury that forced him to retire from driving. The truck went on display at various fairs and events before eventually being sold off in 2007. Since then, El Diablo has changed hands several times before ending up in the possession of current owner Steve Koehler in 2018.

Koehler has plans to restore El Diablo to its former glory, with plans to return it to competition as soon as possible. He is currently working on restoring the engine and other mechanical components while also restoring the interior of the truck so that it looks like new once again. Koehler is hopeful that he can bring El Diablo back to life so that fans can once again cheer on their favorite monster truck as it tears up tracks around the world.

El Diablo Monster Truck was a major force in helping popularize monster truck racing during its heyday, and there are many fans who are excited about its potential return to competition under new ownership. With any luck, Steve Koehler will be able to bring El Diablo back from retirement so that future generations can experience this legendary machine for themselves.

Conclusion: What happened to El Diablo Monster Truck? After suffering an injury which forced him into retirement, Mike Vaters Jr., retired his famous monster truck in 2002 before eventually selling off the vehicle in 2007. It has since changed hands several times before coming into possession of current owner Steve Koehler in 2018 who is currently working on restoring the vehicle so it can make a triumphant return back onto race tracks around the world!

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