What Happened to Snake Bite Monster Truck?

Snake Bite is a legendary monster truck that has been a fan-favorite for decades. It first debuted at the World Monster Jam event in 1993 and quickly became one of the most popular trucks on the circuit.

The truck is owned by Christian Norman, who is a veteran driver in the sport. The truck features an iconic black and green paint scheme, with a large snake head decal on its hood.

For many years, Snake Bite was the star of many shows, thrilling fans with its wheelies, jumps, and stunts. It won numerous awards and championships throughout its career, including two Monster Jam World Finals titles in 1998 and 2000.

However, despite its success, Snake Bite’s time on the track eventually came to an end. In 2016, Christian Norman announced that he was retiring from driving and that he was putting Snake Bite up for sale. After being on the market for almost a year without any buyers, it was eventually sold to another driver in 2017.

The new owner of Snake Bite decided to rebrand the truck with a new look and name; it is now known as “Bone Crusher”. The paint scheme changed from black and green to black and red with a skull decal instead of a snake head on its hood. While it may not be quite as recognizable as it once was, Bone Crusher has still been performing well on the circuit since its debut in 2017.

Unfortunately for fans of Snake Bite monster truck, what happened to it remains something of a mystery. We can only speculate as to why its owners decided to retire from driving or why they put it up for sale in the first place. Nonetheless, we can still appreciate its legacy as one of the greatest monster trucks ever seen on the track.

In conclusion, what happened to Snake Bite monster truck is still unknown but one thing is certain: it will always remain an iconic part of Monster Jam’s history thanks to its impressive performance over the years and its memorable design elements such as its snakehead decal. Despite being rebranded as Bone Crusher since 2017, fans will always remember Snake Bite fondly as one of their favorite monster trucks ever created.

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