What Happened to the Driver of Monster Truck Gunslinger?

In March of 2017, the Monster Truck Gunslinger thrilled fans with its gravity-defying stunts and impressive driving skills. The driver, Robby Gordon, had become a well-known figure in the Monster Truck world, often performing in front of sold out crowds. Unfortunately, tragedy struck on April 8th when the truck rolled over during a performance at the Wild West Motorsports Park in California.

The crash happened during a backflip attempt, and while Gordon was able to walk away from the accident unharmed, his vehicle was destroyed. The cause of the accident is still unknown, though speculation has been rampant among fans and experts alike.

Some believe that Gordon simply misjudged the maneuver or was going too fast for the conditions. Others think that something mechanical may have caused the rollover.

No matter what caused it, one thing is certain: this crash has had serious implications for Gordon’s career and future in Monster Truck racing. After spending weeks in recovery from his injuries, he announced his retirement from professional racing in May 2017. This came as a shock to many of his fans who were hoping for more thrilling performances from him in the future.

Since then, Gordon has been focusing on other ventures such as off-road racing and running his own business that specializes in building custom off-road vehicles. He also regularly competes in celebrity races such as Dakar Rally and Baja 1000. Despite no longer being an active professional Monster Truck racer, he still makes appearances at events around the world to show off his skills and wave to fans who remember him fondly from his time behind the wheel of Gunslinger.

What happened to Robby Gordon after his accident? While he may no longer be competing professionally in Monster Trucks, he still remains an active member of the off-road racing community and continues to show why he’s one of the best drivers out there with every new race or stunt he attempts.

His legacy as one of Monster Truck racing’s greatest drivers will live on for years to come thanks to all of his accomplishments over decades spent behind the wheel.

Conclusion: What happened to driver Robby Gordon after his accident with Monster Truck Gunslinger? After suffering injuries from a rollover crash during a stunt performance at Wild West Motorsports Park in April 2017, Gordon retired from professional monster truck racing and instead turned towards other ventures such as off-road racing and running his own business building custom off-road vehicles while still making appearances at events around the world.

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