What Is a Camper Shell for a Truck?

A camper shell is a form of hard-shell or soft-shell enclosure designed to fit over the bed of a truck. It provides additional weather protection and storage space for items that won’t fit in the cab of the truck. Camper shells come in many different sizes and styles to fit most any pickup, from small mini trucks to full-sized heavy-duty pickups.

Types of Camper Shells

The two main types of camper shells are hard and soft tops. Hard tops are the more common choice, as they provide better protection from the elements and are more secure.

They are usually made from fiberglass or aluminum, and come in various colors and designs. Soft tops are lighter weight, less expensive, and easier to install than hard tops, but they don’t provide as much protection or security.

Benefits of a Camper Shell

A camper shell provides added security for items stored in the bed of the truck, as well as additional living space if you plan on camping out with your truck. The enclosed space also offers better insulation from extreme temperatures inside your truck while camping or traveling long distances. Additionally, camper shells can improve aerodynamics when driving at highway speeds, helping you save on fuel costs.


One potential downside to owning a camper shell is that it can reduce visibility out the back window if installed incorrectly or too close to the tailgate. Additionally, camper shells can be noisy when driving on rough terrain if not properly secured with a weatherproof sealant between each panel joint and surface area.

A camper shell is an excellent addition to any pickup truck—providing additional storage space, insulation from extreme temperatures, improved aerodynamics, and added security for items stored in the bed of your truck. However, it’s important to consider potential drawbacks such as reduced visibility out the back window and increased noise levels before making your purchase.

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