What Is a Flat Bed Truck Called?

A flatbed truck is a type of vehicle used for hauling cargo or materials. It typically consists of an open-top platform or flat bed mounted to a cab and chassis. Flatbed trucks are commonly used for construction projects, landscaping and demolition work, as well as for hauling large items such as machinery, furniture, and large containers.

Flatbed trucks are very versatile and can be outfitted with a variety of attachments to accommodate different types of loads. These include stake pockets, tie-down rails, tarps, toolboxes, cranes, winches and other specialized equipment.

Flatbed trucks are available in a range of sizes to meet different hauling needs. Compact flatbeds are typically used for small jobs such as landscaping projects while larger models can accommodate heavier loads like building supplies and heavy machinery. The size and weight capacity of the truck will depend on the engine power, cab configuration and bed length.

Flatbed trucks may also be equipped with special features such as air brakes or hydraulic lifts to make loading and unloading cargo easier. Another popular feature is the gooseneck hitch which allows the truck to tow trailers with greater stability than a standard hitch would provide.

The term “flatbed truck” is also sometimes used interchangeably with “box truck” or “dry van” which are types of enclosed trucks that have sides and doors that close off the cargo area from the elements.

Overall, flatbed trucks provide an ideal solution for businesses requiring efficient transportation of materials over long distances on rough roads or terrain while protecting their valuable cargo from weather damage or theft.
What Is A Flat Bed Truck Called?
A flat bed truck is simply called a “flat bed truck”. It is an open-topped platform mounted to a cab and chassis that can haul large objects such as furniture or machinery over long distances on rough terrain while protecting the cargo from damage or theft.

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