What Is a Full-Size Short Bed Truck?

A full-size short bed truck is a vehicle that has a shorter cargo area than a traditional full-size truck. It is known as a “short bed” due to its shorter wheelbase and reduced overall cargo space.

It is important to note that this type of truck is still considered a full-size pickup, meaning it has the same engine, frame, and overall strength of its larger counterpart. However, the short bed does offer some advantages over the longer truck when it comes to maneuverability and convenience.

Advantages of Short Bed Trucks

  • The shorter wheelbase makes the truck more maneuverable in tight spaces or crowded streets.
  • The decreased size also makes it easier to park in smaller areas.
  • The reduced cargo area can be beneficial for those who don’t need as much storage space but still want the power of a full-size truck.
  • A short bed also offers more headroom for passengers due to its shorter overall length.

Disadvantages of Short Bed Trucks

  • Due to their smaller size, short bed trucks tend to be less capable than their full-size counterparts when it comes to hauling large loads or heavy items like boats or ATVs.
  • The reduced cargo space can be limiting for those who need more storage capacity on their vehicles.


A full-size short bed truck is an ideal choice for those who value maneuverability and convenience without sacrificing power. While they may not offer as much storage capacity as their larger counterparts, they can provide enough space for most needs while still providing excellent performance.

Therefore, those looking for a reliable workhorse should consider investing in a full-size short bed truck.

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