What Is a Regular Tow Truck Called?

A regular tow truck is a vehicle used by towing companies to haul away cars or other large objects. The most common type of tow truck is the flatbed tow truck, which has a flatbed platform attached to the back of the vehicle.

This platform can be used to carry cars, boats, and other large objects that need to be towed away.

Flatbed tow trucks are typically equipped with heavy-duty winches and hydraulics that allow them to easily lift and transport large items. They also come with a variety of safety features such as secure cargo straps, secure tie-downs, and safety chains to ensure that the items being transported remain secure during transportation.

The size and power of a regular tow truck varies depending on its purpose and what it’s designed for. Some are designed for lighter tasks such as hauling small cars or boats while others are built for larger jobs like hauling commercial trucks or buses. Some even have specialized features such as an adjustable boom arm or an extendable boom arm that can reach higher heights in order to safely transport larger items.

Regular tow trucks come in different models depending on their capabilities and capacity. For example, there are light duty tow trucks which are ideal for smaller jobs like hauling small vehicles or boats while heavy duty tow trucks can handle heavier tasks such as hauling large commercial trucks or buses.

In conclusion, a regular tow truck is an essential tool for any towing company whether they need to haul away small vehicles or large commercial trucks. They come in different sizes and models depending on the task at hand and each model has its own specialized features that make it suitable for its intended purpose.

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