What Is a Tow Truck Called in the UK?

A tow truck, also known as a recovery vehicle, is a vehicle used to transport disabled or damaged vehicles from one location to another. In the UK, tow trucks are commonly referred to as breakdown lorries or breakdown vans.

There are several different types of tow truck available in the UK, including flat bed trucks, which are used for transporting vehicles with no wheels; winch-and-wheel trucks, which are designed for lifting cars onto the bed of the truck; and tilt-bed trucks, which can tilt their beds to allow access to the underside of a vehicle.

Tow trucks can be used in a variety of situations where a vehicle needs assistance in reaching its destination. A tow truck may be called out when an accident has occurred on a road, or if a car has broken down and needs to be taken off the road. They can also be used to move large or heavy objects that can’t easily be moved by hand.

Tow trucks are required to meet certain safety standards before they can operate in the UK. The driver of the truck must have the appropriate qualifications and experience for operating such vehicles safely and securely. Additionally, all tow trucks must pass an annual MOT test before they can legally operate on public roads.

In addition to their use on public roads, tow trucks may also be used for off-road recovery operations in rural areas or off-road locations such as beaches and forests. Tow trucks are typically equipped with winches that allow them to pull vehicles out of difficult terrain such as mud or snow.

Overall, tow trucks play an important role in ensuring that damaged and disabled vehicles can still reach their destination safely and securely in the UK. By meeting all safety regulations and providing experienced drivers, they help ensure that both people and property remain safe while travelling on public roads.

Conclusion: In conclusion, what is a tow truck called in the UK? A tow truck is commonly referred to as a breakdown lorry or breakdown van in the United Kingdom.

They come in several different types including flat bed trucks, winch-and-wheel trucks, and tilt-bed trucks depending on their intended purpose – whether it is transporting disabled or damaged vehicles from one location to another; recovering vehicles from off-road locations; or moving large/heavy objects from one place to another. Tow truck drivers must have appropriate qualifications and experience for operating these vehicles safely before taking them out onto public roads – otherwise passing an annual MOT test beforehand is mandatory too!

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