What Is Back of Pickup Truck Called?

When it comes to transporting large items, a pickup truck is often the best option. It offers more space than the average car, and the back of the truck can be used to store and transport items safely. But what is the back of a pickup truck called?

The back of a pickup truck is typically referred to as the “bed” or “box”. The bed is usually made out of metal or plastic and comes in various sizes to accommodate different types of cargo. It can also be equipped with various features such as tie-downs and bedliners to protect items from damage while in transit.

Pickup trucks also often have a tailgate, which is a hinged door at the back of the truck that can be opened or closed for access to the bed. Some tailgates are removable, so they can be taken off when large items need to be loaded or unloaded into the bed.

In addition, many pickup trucks are equipped with tonneau covers. These covers are designed to provide additional protection from weather elements and theft, as well as add style to your vehicle. Tonneau covers come in different shapes, sizes, materials and styles so you can choose one that fits your needs.

The back of a pickup truck is typically called a “bed” or “box” and sometimes comes with features such as tie-downs and bedliners for added protection. Many models also have tailgates which provide access to the bed and tonneau covers that add style while protecting items from weather elements and theft. With all these features, it’s easy to see why pickups are so popular for transporting large items around!

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