What Is the Bed Door of a Truck Called?

The bed door of a truck is one of the most important parts of the truck, providing access to the cargo area and protecting its contents from theft, weather, or other damage. This part of the vehicle is also known as a tailgate or tailboard, and in some cases, it can even be referred to as a drop-down gate.

The tailgate is typically made from steel and can either be attached to the frame of the truck or mounted on hinges so that it can be opened and closed. It is usually painted a bright color so that it can be easily seen in the dark or when driving at night. The tailgate may also have an additional lock for added security.

The bed door provides an easy way to load and unload cargo into the back of a truck without having to open up the entire vehicle. It also helps keep items safe while they are being transported since they are not exposed to the elements outside. Depending on what type of truck you have, there may be several different types of bed doors available.

One type is called a ‘roll-up’ door which consists of a series of horizontal bars that are hinged together and secured with a latch system. These doors are easy to operate and provide excellent ventilation for your cargo area. Another popular option is called a ‘swing-out’ door which swings outward when opened and allows easy access to your cargo.

Sliding doors are another great option if you want quick access but don’t want anything too bulky in your way. The sliding door opens by sliding along its track, allowing you to quickly gain access to your cargo area without having to open up the entire truck.


In conclusion, what is known as the bed door of a truck goes by many different names including tailgate, tailboard, drop-down gate, roll-up door, swing-out door and sliding door. All these options provide different solutions for accessing your cargo area in an efficient manner while keeping items safe from theft or damage from outside elements.

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