What Is the Best Selling Pickup Truck This Year?

The pickup truck market is highly competitive and this year, the best-selling pickup truck in the US has become something of a surprise. With so many options available, consumers can be overwhelmed when it comes to deciding which one to buy. Fortunately, there are some clear winners in the pickup truck market this year.

Ford F-Series – The Ford F-Series has been America’s best-selling vehicle for decades and this year is no exception. It’s one of the most recognizable names in pickups and has a long history of dependability and performance. The F-Series offers a range of models and trims to suit any need or budget, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable work vehicle or an adventurous weekend warrior.

Chevrolet Silverado – The Chevy Silverado is another popular choice among pickup truck buyers. Like the Ford F-Series, it offers a wide range of models and trims that make it suitable for work or play. It also boasts powerful engines and advanced technology features that make it appealing to drivers who want the latest features but don’t want to sacrifice power or durability.

RAM 1500 – Last but not least is the RAM 1500. This popular pickup truck offers drivers plenty of capability and convenience thanks to its powerful engine options, advanced technology features, and comfortable interior. It’s also available with a variety of cab sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any lifestyle.


This year’s best selling pickup truck is undoubtedly the Ford F-Series. This popular model has proven itself time and time again as an outstanding vehicle with plenty of power, dependability, and features that make it great for both work and play. However, for those who may be looking for something different, both the Chevrolet Silverado and RAM 1500 offer excellent alternatives.

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