What Is the Difference Between Crew Cab and Pickup Truck?

The difference between a Crew Cab and a Pickup Truck lies primarily in the size and number of doors available on each model. Both are pickup trucks that are good for hauling supplies and equipment, but a Crew Cab is much larger than a regular pickup truck, with four full-sized doors instead of two. This makes it more comfortable for passengers, especially those riding in the back seat.

The other major difference between the two types of vehicles is the amount of cargo space. The Crew Cab has an extra row of seating that takes up some of the cargo area in the bed, while a Pickup Truck has a single row of seating that leaves more room for cargo in the bed. Additionally, some Crew Cabs have an extended cab or SuperCab option that adds even more cargo space to the vehicle.

In terms of performance, both vehicles are similar, but there are some differences in powertrain configurations and engine sizes. A Pickup Truck typically has either a V6 or V8 engine with four-wheel drive, while a Crew Cab may have either an inline-four or V6 engine with either two- or four-wheel drive options. Additionally, most Pickup Trucks come with manual transmissions as standard while most Crew Cabs come with automatic transmissions as standard.

In terms of safety features, both models offer similar features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes, but there may be differences in specific features depending on which model you choose. For example, some models may offer blind spot monitoring systems or rearview cameras as additional safety features.

Overall, if you’re looking for more passenger space and comfort then a Crew Cab is the way to go whereas if you need more cargo space then a regular Pickup Truck would be better suited to your needs.


The main differences between a Crew Cab and a Pickup Truck lie mainly in their size and number of doors available on each model. The Crew Cab is larger than its counterpart and offers four full-sized doors instead of two; making it better suited for passengers who require more comfort while riding in the backseat. Additionally, it also has less cargo space due to its extra row of seating; thus making it less ideal for those who need to haul heavier loads around town. Ultimately, if you’re looking for extra passenger space and comfort then go with a Crew Cab; otherwise stick with your trusty old Pickup Truck.

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