What Is the First Monster Truck Ever?

The first monster truck ever created was Big Foot, which first appeared in the late 1970s. Big Foot was created by Bob Chandler, a former mud bogger, who wanted to create a larger-than-life vehicle that could drive over anything.

In 1979, Big Foot made its debut at a truck and tractor pull event in St. Louis, Missouri.

Big Foot’s design was based on a Ford F-250 pickup truck chassis and featured oversized tires that were much larger than those typically found on cars or trucks in the late 1970s. The oversized tires allowed Big Foot to drive over objects much larger than conventional vehicles and also made it very popular for show events.

Big Foot quickly became an iconic vehicle and is credited with popularizing monster trucks as a form of entertainment. It also helped to launch the careers of many other monster truck drivers, including Dennis Anderson and Tom Meents who have both gone on to win several Monster Jam World Finals titles.

Today, Big Foot is still an active member of the monster truck community and is considered one of the most iconic vehicles in the world of motorsports. It has been featured in movies such as Maximum Overdrive, appeared at countless events across the country, and is still actively competing today.


Big Foot is widely recognized as the first monster truck ever created and is credited with popularizing this form of motorsport entertainment around the world. Today, it remains an iconic vehicle that continues to make appearances at various events throughout North America.

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