What Is the Hitch in the Truck Bed Called?

A hitch in the truck bed is a device used to attach a trailer, camper, or other cargo carrier to the back of a truck. It is typically made of metal and attaches to the frame of the truck. There are many types of hitches, including weight-distributing hitches, gooseneck hitches, fifth wheel hitches, bumper pull hitches, and receiver-style hitches.

A weight-distributing hitch is designed to evenly distribute the trailer’s tongue weight across multiple points on the vehicle. This helps reduce swaying and can make for a smoother ride. Weight-distributing hitches also allow for heavier loads than standard receiver-style hitches.

Gooseneck hitches are designed for heavier loads and offer more stability than bumper pull or receiver-style hitches. They attach to the frame of the truck at two points rather than one and usually require special installation hardware.

Fifth wheel hitches are designed for large trailers such as RVs or horse trailers and can handle more weight than other types of hitch. They attach to a rail system installed in the truck bed and offer improved maneuverability over gooseneck and bumper pull hitches.

Bumper pull hitches attach to a vehicle’s trailer hitch receiver at one end while the other end attaches directly to a trailer’s tongue. They are generally used for light duty applications such as small utility trailers or boat trailers.

Receiver-style hitch balls are typically used with bumper pull setups but can also be used with other types of hitch when necessary.

No matter which type of hitch you choose, it is important that it is properly installed by an experienced technician who understands the specifics of your vehicle and type of trailer you will be hauling. This will ensure that your cargo is securely attached and that your ride remains safe and smooth.

Conclusion: The type of hitch you choose depends on what kind of cargo you need to haul – lighter loads may require a receiver-style or bumper pull hitch while heavier loads may require a gooseneck or fifth wheel hitch installed in your truck bed. For maximum safety, it’s important that your hitch be properly installed by an experienced technician.

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