What Is the Inside of a Pickup Truck Called?

Pickup trucks are an essential part of any hard-working American’s life. They are tough, dependable, and have the capacity to haul almost anything. But what is the inside of a pickup truck called?

The inside of a pickup truck is referred to as the cab. This is the area that is enclosed within the body of the truck and it serves as a protective barrier from the elements outside.

It is typically separated from the bed by a bulkhead, or partition, that separates the two sections. Inside the cab, there are typically two or four doors depending on the model and make of your truck.

The cab can be divided into two sections: the interior and exterior. The interior includes all of the components that are visible from within.

This includes all of the seating, dashboard, center console, cup holders, storage compartments and other accessories. The exterior includes all of the components that are visible from outside such as windows and doors. Some trucks may also have side steps or running boards.

In addition to these components, some pickups may also have an additional section known as a camper shell. These shells provide additional protection for cargo in inclement weather and can be used for camping trips or other outdoor activities. They usually attach to either side rails or directly to your truck’s bed.

No matter what type of pickup you own, understanding what is inside it will help you keep it running smoothly for years to come. With proper maintenance and care, your pickup can provide you with reliable service for many years.


The inside area of a pickup truck is known as its cab. This area consists of both an interior and exterior section with additional features such as camper shells available on some models. Knowing what is inside your pickup truck can help you keep it running properly for many years.

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