What Is the Back Door of a Pickup Truck Called?

The back door of a pickup truck is often referred to as the tailgate. This part of the vehicle is located at the rear, and it is typically used to access the bed of the truck.

Tailgates are usually hinged at the bottom, so they swing down to open and provide access to the interior of the truck’s bed. They can also be opened from either side, depending on the type of tailgate installed.

Tailgates are made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and composite materials. The material chosen will depend on several factors such as cost and durability.

Steel tailgates are often used in commercial applications because they are strong and durable. Aluminum tailgates are popular in recreational applications because they are lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

The tailgate is an essential part of any pickup truck and can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used for loading cargo into or out of the bed, as well as for providing seating for passengers in an emergency situation. Additionally, many tailgates feature integrated storage compartments which can be used for storing tools or other items.

In conclusion, what is the back door of a pickup truck called? The answer is that it is commonly referred to as a tailgate. Tailgates come in various materials such as steel, aluminum or composite materials and provide access to the bed of the vehicle while also offering additional storage space and seating solutions if needed.

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