What Is the Lightest Arctic Fox Truck Camper?

Arctic Fox truck campers are some of the lightest and most durable campers on the market. The company has been producing custom truck campers for over 40 years and is known for its superior construction and attention to detail.

Arctic Fox campers are designed to be lightweight, yet tough enough to handle off-road conditions. They feature an aerodynamic design that helps increase fuel efficiency and reduce wind drag, making them a great option for adventurers who want to get out and explore the great outdoors.

The lightest Arctic Fox truck camper is the 811, which weighs just 1,350 pounds. This camper is designed for short bed trucks with a 6’4” bed length and features an innovative slide-out wet bath with a shower, toilet, and sink.

It also includes a spacious dinette area with storage underneath the seating, a large refrigerator/freezer combo, and plenty of counter space in the kitchen area. The 811 also comes standard with two 20-pound propane tanks, allowing you to cook meals outside or inside your camper.

If you’re looking for something larger than the 811 but still lightweight, then the 990 is an excellent option. This camper features a unique slide-out tip-out bed that gives you extra sleeping space when needed.

It includes a full kitchen with plenty of storage space, as well as a full bathroom that includes a shower/tub combo. The 990 also has two 30-pound propane tanks so you can cook meals both inside and out. This camper weighs in at 2,100 pounds – making it one of the lightest full size campers on the market today.

No matter which Arctic Fox truck camper you choose, you can rest assured that it will be strong enough to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it while being lightweight enough to keep your fuel costs down on your next adventure. With high quality construction and attention to detail, these campers provide all of the amenities of home in an easy-to-tow package that won’t weigh you down on your travels.


The lightest Arctic Fox truck camper is the 811 at 1,350 pounds – perfect for short bed trucks with 6’4″ beds – but if you need something larger then there’s always the 990 at 2,100 pounds – still one of the lightest full size campers around today.

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