What Is the Widest Monster Truck in the World?

Monster trucks are some of the biggest and most powerful vehicles on the planet. They are used in entertainment events and motor sports competitions around the world, and they have been thrilling spectators for decades.

But which is the widest monster truck in the world?

The answer is Bigfoot, one of the longest-running and most popular monster trucks ever built. The original Bigfoot truck was created by Bob Chandler in 1975, and it has since become a legendary name in monster truck racing and entertainment. The current model of Bigfoot is 20 feet long and 12 feet wide, making it the widest monster truck in operation today.

Bigfoot is a beast of a machine, weighing over 10 tons and powered by a massive 540 cubic inch engine capable of producing up to 8500 horsepower. Its frame is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, while its suspension system features 16-inch Fox shocks capable of absorbing jumps of up to 15 feet. On top of that, it boasts hefty 66-inch tires that allow it to roll over almost anything placed in its path.

Bigfoot has been wowing crowds with its fearless stunts since 1975, but it’s not the only impressive monster truck out there. Other notable contenders include Grave Digger (18 feet long, 11 feet wide), Maximum Destruction (19 feet long, 11 feet wide), and Bounty Hunter (22 feet long, 11 feet wide). Each of these trucks offer their own unique style of performance and thrills for fans.


Bigfoot is currently the widest monster truck in operation with its 20-feet length and 12-feet width. It stands out for its impressive powertrain configuration featuring an 8500 horsepower engine along with 66-inch tires capable of rolling over almost anything standing on its way. Other notable contenders include Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, and Bounty Hunter but none of them can match up to Bigfoot’s size.

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