What Is the Zombie Monster Truck Called?

The Zombie Monster Truck is a unique and impressive vehicle. It’s one of the most popular monster trucks in the world, and it’s sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

The Zombie Monster Truck was originally built in 2010 by the Grave Digger Monster Truck team, led by driver Dennis Anderson. The truck has since been featured in many live events and television shows around the world.

The Zombie Monster Truck is a powerful machine with a 6.2-liter V8 engine that produces 900 horsepower. It has an eight-inch lift kit, oversized off-road tires, and a custom roll cage designed to protect its occupants in the event of an accident. It also has several unique features like a custom paint job with flames and skulls, as well as a distinctive zombie-head logo on its hood.

The truck is capable of some amazing stunts and jumps due to its power and design. It has been seen performing car crushing stunts, ramp jumps, wheelies, donuts, and other extreme maneuvers that make onlookers gasp in awe.

The Zombie Monster Truck is driven by professional racer Cory Rummell at several events throughout each year. He’s been driving it since 2011 and continues to show off his driving skills when behind the wheel of this incredible monster truck.


The Zombie Monster Truck is an impressive machine that showcases the power of monster trucks. It’s driven by Cory Rummell at events all over the world each year, stunning onlookers with its daring stunts and jumps. So if you’re ever looking for an exciting show to watch or take part in, be sure to check out what this awesome monster truck can do!

What Is The Zombie Monster Truck Called?

The Zombie Monster Truck is named after Grave Digger’s driver Dennis Anderson who built it back in 2010.

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