What Kind of Pickup Truck Does Uhaul Use?

Uhaul is one of the largest rental companies in the US, offering a wide variety of vehicles for hire. From small cars to large trucks, Uhaul has it all. When it comes to pickup trucks, Uhaul offers a range of models and sizes to meet your needs.

Uhaul’s Standard Pickup Truck

Uhaul’s standard pickup truck is the Ford F-150. It is one of the most popular and reliable pickups available and it is perfect for moving or hauling heavy items.

The F-150 offers a large cargo bed, plenty of power and great fuel economy. It also has an impressive tow rating of up to 11,600 lbs., making it a great choice for those who need to tow heavy items such as boats or trailers.

Uhaul’s Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

For those who need more power and capacity than the F-150 can provide, Uhaul also offers heavy duty pickups such as the Ford F-250 Super Duty or the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. These trucks offer more power, more payload capacity and more towing capability than the standard pickup truck. They are perfect for large jobs that require extra strength and durability.

Uhaul’s Specialty Pickup Trucks

In addition to its standard and heavy duty pickups, Uhaul also has specialty pickup trucks available for rent. These include models like the Dodge Ram 3500HD with its dual rear wheels for extra stability when hauling heavy loads; or the Ford F-550 Super Duty with its massive 29-foot long cargo box that can accommodate extra large items such as furniture or appliances; or even the Chevy Silverado 4500HD with its V8 diesel engine that can tackle any job no matter how tough it may be.


Uhaul provides a variety of pickup trucks ranging from small cars to large trucks perfect for any job you may have in mind. The company’s standard model is the Ford F-150 while they also offer heavy duty models such as the F-250 Super Duty and Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, as well as specialty models like the Dodge Ram 3500HD, Ford F-550 Super Duty and Chevy Silverado 4500HD depending on your needs.

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