What Monster Truck Is From Texas?

Texas is home to some of the most iconic monster trucks in the world. The Lone Star state has produced some of the most popular and influential monster truck drivers and teams. From Grave Digger to Big Foot, Texas has been at the forefront of the monster truck movement since its inception in the 1970s.

Grave Digger is one of the most well-known monster trucks in Texas, and is renowned for its signature yellow paint job. It was created by Dennis Anderson in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1982 and quickly gained popularity due to its aggressive driving style and unique design. Anderson moved Grave Digger to North Carolina in 1985 but returned it to Texas a few years later, where it remains today.

Big Foot is another iconic monster truck from Texas. It was created by Bob Chandler in 1975 and later acquired by Monster Jam in 2001.

Big Foot was one of the original monster trucks, featuring an aggressive body kit, large tires, and a powerful engine that enabled it to crush cars with ease. Big Foot has won numerous awards over its long career, including being inducted into the Monster Truck Hall of Fame in 2017.

Monster Mutt is another popular Texas-based monster truck that has become a fan favorite over the years. It was created by former professional wrestler Mark Hall in 2003 and quickly gained fame due to its wild paint job and “goofy” personality on television shows such as “Monster Jam” on Fox Sports Network (FSN). Monster Mutt is known for its impressive stunts, such as jumping over buses or doing backflips during competitions.

Texas has been an integral part of the monster truck movement since it began more than 40 years ago. From Grave Digger to Big Foot to Monster Mutt, these iconic vehicles have become beloved symbols of American culture that are sure to live on for many more years to come.


The Lone Star state has been home to some of the most iconic monster trucks ever since their inception into popular culture in the 1970s – from Grave Digger and Big Foot, to Monster Mutt – these Texas-based vehicles are sure to remain fan favorites for decades more.

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