What Size Are Truck Bed Stake Pockets?

Truck bed stake pockets are an essential component for those who rely on their truck for work. These pockets provide a secure and convenient way to attach cargo.

As such, it is important to understand the different sizes of truck bed stake pockets and how they can be used in various applications.

The size of a truck bed stake pocket is determined by its width and length, measured in inches. The most common sizes available are 1 1/4” by 2”, 1 1/2” by 2”, and 2” by 4”. These sizes are ideal for attaching cargo nets, straps, bungee cords, or other items that need to be secured to the back of the truck bed.

In addition to these standard sizes, there are also larger and smaller sizes available. For example, a 3/4″ by 2″ pocket is ideal for smaller loads that don’t require a lot of attachment points. On the other hand, larger pocket sizes such as 4″ by 6″ or 5″ by 8″ are great for heavier loads that require more attachment points.

When selecting the proper size stake pocket for your vehicle, you should consider the types of items you will be hauling as well as the size of your truck bed. For example, if you have a small truck bed and plan on hauling bulky items like furniture or large boxes then you will likely need larger stake pockets than if you were just hauling light items like tarps or tarps accessories.


In conclusion, it is important to understand what size truck bed stake pockets are available and how they can be used in order to ensure that your cargo is securely attached to your vehicle. Different sized pockets can accommodate different types and sizes of loads which makes it important to select the right size pocket for your specific application.

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