What Size Tires Are on a Monster Truck?

Monster trucks are one of the most iconic motor vehicles in existence. With their massive tires, they have been a staple of motorsports for decades. So, what size tires are on a monster truck?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. Depending on the type of monster truck, the wheel size can vary greatly. Some monster trucks have wheel sizes as small as 26 inches and others can be as large as 66 inches.

The size of the wheel is determined by the type of terrain that it will be used on. For instance, a monster truck with a large wheel size will be better suited for off-roading and racing in mud pits or sand dunes. On the other hand, a smaller wheel size will be better suited for racing on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

When it comes to monster truck competitions, there are typically two categories: freestyle and racing. Freestyle is where drivers show off their skills by performing stunts and jumps while racing is where drivers compete against each other for the fastest time.

In freestyle competitions, there is no specific wheel size that must be used; however, most drivers tend to use larger wheels because they provide more ground clearance which allows them to perform bigger stunts and jumps. On the other hand, in racing competitions there are specific wheel sizes that must be used depending on the weight class of the vehicle.


In conclusion, what size tires are on a monster truck depends on the type of terrain they will be used on and whether they are being used in freestyle or racing competitions. Generally speaking, larger tires provide more ground clearance which is beneficial for tricks and stunts but smaller tires may provide an advantage when it comes to speed.

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