What Was the First Monster Truck to Do a Front Flip?

The first monster truck to do a front flip was Grave Digger, the iconic monster truck owned by legendary driver Dennis Anderson. The highly-anticipated event took place in January of 2017 at the Monster Jam World Finals XVIII in Orlando, Florida. It was a momentous occasion for the sport, as it marked the first time that any vehicle had ever completed a full front flip in competition.

The feat was made possible thanks to a special ramp that had been specially designed for the event. It was made from steel and aluminum and featured a unique shape that allowed for extra height and rotation during the jump. This ramp gave Anderson just enough boost to pull off what many thought impossible.

The crowd went wild when Anderson landed his front flip with ease. He had managed to do what no other driver or vehicle had ever done before him. The stunt quickly went viral and spawned countless memes and GIFs.

Since then, other drivers have attempted to replicate Anderson’s feat but have so far been unsuccessful. This is due in part to the extreme nature of the stunt, which requires precision timing and skill to pull off safely.


Grave Digger and its driver Dennis Anderson will forever be remembered as making history by being the first monster truck to complete a successful front flip at an official Monster Jam event back in 2017. Although attempts have been made since then, none have been able to replicate this incredible feat.

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