When Did the Lego Pickup Truck Come Out?

The Lego Pickup Truck is an iconic piece of Lego history. It has been around since the early 1960s and is still popular today.

It was first released in 1963 as part of the Town plan range. The Lego Pickup Truck was designed to be a fun and interactive toy for children to play with, while also providing an educational experience.

The original Lego Pickup Truck had a body made from plastic, with rubber tires and a metal chassis. The first iteration of the truck included only one headlight, though later versions featured two headlights for added realism. It also included a detachable trailer which could be used to transport goods or even provide a makeshift bed for camping trips!

Over the years, Lego has released numerous different versions of the Pickup Truck. In 1978, it was re-released as part of their City plan range, now featuring an engine that could be powered by batteries and remote control operation. This version also included additional details such as chrome bumpers and side-view mirrors.

Since then, there have been many different iterations of the Pickup Truck released by Lego, ranging from larger scale models to more realistic ones which feature working headlights and detailed interiors. In recent years, Lego has released special edition versions of the Pickup Truck in collaboration with companies such as Ford and Chevrolet.


The Lego Pickup Truck first came out in 1963 as part of the Town plan range. Since then it has been continually updated with new features such as battery-powered engines and remote control operation. Over the years various special edition versions have been released in collaboration with companies like Ford and Chevrolet, making it a popular toy even today.

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