When Was the Last Year Mazda Made a Pickup Truck?

Mazda has been producing quality vehicles since 1931, with the first “Mazda-Go” being produced as a three-wheeled truck. Since then, Mazda has produced many different types of vehicles, including pickup trucks. However, in 2009, Mazda announced it would no longer be producing pickup trucks.

Mazda began producing pickup trucks in the late 1960s. The first model was the B-Series, a small two-door truck that was based on the Ford Courier.

It was produced until 2006, when it was replaced by the BT-50. The BT-50 was a more modern version of the B-Series and it featured a more powerful engine and improved safety features.

The BT-50 saw an update in 2010 but it was not enough to keep Mazda in the pickup truck market. Sales had been declining for some time and Mazda decided to focus on other markets instead. As a result, 2009 became the last year that Mazda produced a pickup truck.

Conclusion: In 2009, Mazda stopped producing pickup trucks after over 40 years of production. The last model to be released was the BT-50 which had been updated in 2010 but it wasn’t enough to keep sales up and Mazda decided to focus on other markets instead.

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