Where Can I Find a Tow Truck in GTA?

If you are playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and need a tow truck, you can find one in various locations. While it is possible to purchase a tow truck via the internet, they are also scattered around the game world. In general, they can be found in areas where they would naturally be expected, such as near auto repair shops, large parking lots and junkyards.

The easiest way to locate one is to drive around and look for an icon that looks like a flatbed truck. When you see one of these icons, press the “X” button on your controller to enter the vehicle. You may have to wait a few moments before the vehicle appears on-screen depending on your location.

When you enter a tow truck, you can use it just like any other vehicle in GTA. You can use it to transport vehicles from one location to another or even take them for a joyride. However, keep in mind that if you damage any vehicles while driving the tow truck, it will still count as criminal damage and could get you into trouble with the police!

Tow Trucks in Missions

It’s also possible to find tow trucks in certain missions throughout GTA. For example, in some missions there will be objectives that require using a tow truck or other specialized vehicle. If this is the case then it will appear at the required location and you’ll have access to it until the mission is complete.


In conclusion, finding a tow truck in GTA isn’t difficult – they can be found by driving around and looking for an icon or by completing specific missions that require their use. Once located they can be used just like any other vehicle but keep in mind that destroying them or other vehicles while driving them carries consequences.

Conclusion: Where Can I Find A Tow Truck In GTA?

Tow trucks can be found scattered throughout Grand Theft Auto’s game world near auto repair shops, large parking lots and junkyards by pressing “X” when their icon appears on-screen or via specific missions that require their use.

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