Which Monster Truck Has Biggest Wheels?

Monster trucks have been around for decades and show no sign of going away. The massive, customized vehicles have become a staple of motorsports events, offering a unique form of entertainment for spectators.

One part of the monster truck experience that fans love is the size of the tires they use. But which monster truck has the biggest wheels? Graveyard Dog is widely considered to have the largest tires in the sport.

The Gravedigger series is produced by United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA) and features some of the most popular monster trucks in the world. The Graveyard Dog model was first introduced in 1998 and quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its immense size and powerful engine. The truck’s tires measure an incredible 66 inches tall and 43 inches wide, making them some of the largest in Monster Truck history.

In addition to its large wheels, Graveyard Dog also features a unique body style that sets it apart from other trucks on the track. The exterior of the truck is modeled after a coffin, complete with an oversized lid that can be opened to reveal more details about the vehicle underneath.

Inside the coffin-like body are several custom parts such as high performance shocks and four-wheel drivetrain components. This allows Graveyard Dog to reach speeds up to 70 mph on certain tracks, making it one of the fastest monster trucks around.

Not only does Graveyard Dog have some of the largest tires in Monster Truck racing, but it also has an impressive list of accomplishments under its belt. In 2010, driver Scott Hartsock won his first ever USHRA championship when he piloted Graveyard Dog to victory at Monster Jam World Finals XI. Since then, Graveyard Dog has gone on to win multiple USHRA events and continues to be one of the most popular trucks in Monster Truck racing today.

It’s clear that Graveyard Dog has some of the biggest wheels in all of Monster Truck racing, thanks to its impressive 66-inch tall tires and powerful engine components that allow it to reach incredible speeds on different tracks around the world. Its unique coffin-style body adds another level of excitement for fans who come out to watch it compete at various motorsport events throughout each year.

Conclusion: Without a doubt, Graveyard Dog has some of the biggest wheels in all of Monster Truck racing with its 66-inch tall tires that give it an extra edge when competing against other vehicles on different tracks throughout each year.

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