Who Drives EarthShaker Monster Truck?

EarthShaker is an iconic American monster truck that has been thrilling crowds since the early ’90s. Built by Dennis Anderson and his team, this massive truck stands over 11 feet tall and weighs approximately 10,000 pounds. It’s powered by a 540 cubic-inch Merlin engine that produces an estimated 3,000 horsepower!

The EarthShaker Monster Truck is driven by none other than legendary driver and Monster Jam World Finals champion, Damon Bradshaw. Bradshaw has been driving EarthShaker since its debut in 1997 and has won numerous events with it in the years since. He’s also known for performing some of the most daring stunts with the truck, such as side-by-side backflips and high jumps.

Outside of Monster Jam competitions, EarthShaker can be seen performing at various motorsport events around the world. It’s become a fan favorite due to its incredible power and amazing stunts. Whether it’s crushing cars or launching itself over huge ramps, EarthShaker always leaves audiences mesmerized.

EarthShaker is truly one of a kind – no other monster truck can compare to it in terms of showmanship and performance. The combination of Damon Bradshaw’s skill behind the wheel and the sheer power of this machine make it one of the most exciting acts around.


Who drives EarthShaker Monster Truck? The answer is none other than legendary driver and Monster Jam World Finals champion Damon Bradshaw! He has been driving EarthShaker since 1997 and continues to amaze audiences with its incredible power and stunts every time he takes it out on the track.

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