Who Drives Jekyll and Hyde Monster Truck?

Jekyll and Hyde Monster Truck is an iconic monster truck that has been thrilling fans since its creation in 2001. It was designed and built by Tom Meents, one of the most renowned monster truck drivers in the world. The truck features a unique hybrid design with two distinct sides – the “Jekyll” side featuring a classic monster truck look, while the “Hyde” side features more modern styling.

The truck is powered by a 540 cubic inch Chevy engine that produces an impressive 2,500 horsepower. It also features a unique suspension system which allows for extreme stunts and jumps – something that other monster trucks cannot do.

The Jekyll and Hyde Monster Truck has been featured in numerous television shows, movies, and live events over the years. It has been used in various stunts like jumping over cars, buses, and other obstacles as well as performing wheelies and donuts. It has even taken part in several world records, including the longest jump by a monster truck (an impressive 104 feet).

Despite its incredible feats of strength and agility, it takes an experienced driver to handle this beast of a machine. Tom Meents himself is usually the one behind the wheel of Jekyll and Hyde Monster Truck at its live performances – with his experience driving high-powered machines like this one, he is able to pull off some truly remarkable stunts!

At other times, professional stunt driver Mike Christensen may be seen driving Jekyll and Hyde Monster Truck at live events. He has been driving monster trucks professionally for over 25 years now, so he definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to these powerful machines!

So who drives Jekyll and Hyde Monster Truck? While Tom Meents is usually behind the wheel at live shows due to his extensive experience with these types of vehicles, Mike Christensen also takes part on occasion when Tom needs some assistance or when his schedule doesn’t allow him to attend certain events. Both drivers have years of experience under their belts when it comes to driving these powerful machines – so you know you’re always in good hands when they’re behind the wheel!


In conclusion, while Tom Meents is usually the one seen driving Jekyll and Hyde Monster Truck during live performances due to his expertise with such vehicles, Mike Christensen may also take part on occasion – both drivers have plenty of experience with handling these powerful machines!

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