Who Drives the Dalmatian Monster Truck?

The Dalmatian Monster Truck is a sight to behold as it roars down the track. The huge, black and white beast of a truck is a fan favorite at monster truck shows across the country. But who drives this amazing machine?

The answer to that question is actually two people. The driver of the Dalmatian Monster Truck is veteran driver and stunt performer Joe Ewing.

Joe has been driving monster trucks professionally since 2004, and has logged thousands of hours behind the wheel. He’s one of the most experienced drivers in the business, and his skill behind the wheel is unmatched.

But it takes more than just a skilled driver to make a monster truck show successful. That’s where stuntwoman Julie Armstrong comes in.

Julie has been performing stunts in monster trucks since 2010, and she brings an incredible level of energy to each show. She also acts as a spotter for Joe while he’s driving, helping him navigate tight turns and tight spots.

Together, Joe and Julie make an amazing team. Their combined experience and expertise have helped them become one of the most successful teams in monster truck racing today. They’ve won dozens of races over their careers, including the prestigious Monster Jam World Finals.


Joe Ewing and Julie Armstrong are responsible for driving the Dalmatian Monster Truck around tracks all over North America. With years of experience between them, they make an unbeatable team that consistently wows crowds with their impressive stunts.

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