Who Invented Pickup Truck?

Pickup trucks have become an integral part of American culture over the last century, and it is hard to imagine life without them. But who invented the pickup truck? Despite their ubiquity today, the concept of the pickup truck was revolutionary when it first came to market.

The invention of the modern pickup truck is credited to Karl Probst, who submitted a patent in July 1901 for what he called a “motorized delivery wagon.” The design featured two wheels at the front and two wheels at the back, with a long cargo area between them. Probst’s design was revolutionary because it allowed for easy loading and unloading of cargo without needing to use horses or other animals as beasts of burden. His design also featured an enclosed cab which protected drivers from inclement weather and dust.

Probst’s motorized delivery wagon was soon put into production by the Electric Vehicle Company (EVC) in 1903. This vehicle was called a “Model A” and featured several improvements over Probst’s original design, including better suspension and more power from its electric motor. It quickly became popular with businesses due to its versatility in carrying goods over short distances.

In 1925, Henry Ford unveiled his Model T Runabout with Pickup Body, which is widely considered to be one of the first true pickup trucks on the market. The Model T featured an open bed at the back for hauling cargo, as well as an enclosed cab for protecting drivers from the elements. This model was incredibly popular with farmers due to its affordability and ruggedness – it could haul heavier loads than any horse-drawn vehicle before it.

Today’s pickups are much more advanced than those early models – they feature powerful engines and sophisticated four-wheel drive systems that allow them to traverse even difficult terrain with ease. However, they still owe their existence to Karl Probst and Henry Ford – without their innovative designs, we wouldn’t have this quintessential American vehicle today.


Karl Probst is credited with inventing the modern pickup truck in 1901 when he patented his “motorized delivery wagon” design while Henry Ford further popularized this concept with his Model T Runabout with Pickup Body in 1925. Thanks to their innovative designs, we now have this quintessential American vehicle that is used across all industries today.

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