Who Invented the First Monster Truck?

The first monster truck was created in the early 1980s by an American inventor and promoter, Bob Chandler. He had the idea to make a unique vehicle that could do something never seen before in the world of motor sports – crush cars with its powerful tires.

Chandler’s first monster truck was called “Big Foot” and it was built using a Ford F-250 pickup truck as its base. The truck was then modified to have gigantic tires, a very large suspension, and a powerful engine so that it could easily crush anything in its path.

Chandler soon began competing with his Big Foot monster truck at local car shows and competitions across the United States. He quickly gained a great following of fans who were amazed by the power and destruction of his vehicle. Soon, other inventors began creating their own monster trucks and competing against Chandler’s Big Foot.

Monster trucks eventually became popular all over the world, as people enjoyed watching them compete and destroy things in their path. Today, there are numerous competitions around the globe where drivers race their monster trucks against one another for prizes and glory.


Bob Chandler is credited with inventing the first monster truck back in the early 1980s when he created his now-famous Big Foot vehicle. His invention inspired others to create their own versions and today, monster trucks are popular all over the world as drivers race against one another for prizes and glory.

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