Who Made the Diamond T Pickup Truck?

The Diamond T Pickup truck is a classic and iconic American vehicle that has been around since the early 1900s. It is one of the most recognizable trucks in the world, and its distinctive design has been admired by generations of car enthusiasts. But who made the Diamond T Pickup Truck?

The original Diamond T was created by C.A. Tilt at The Diamond T Motor Car Company in Chicago, Illinois in 1905. The company had been established a few years prior by Henry A. Schulte, who had worked as a mechanic for various automotive manufacturers before starting his own business.

The first model of the Diamond T was called the Model B Touring Car and it featured a six-cylinder engine, a four-speed transmission, and an impressive maximum speed of 60 mph. This car quickly became popular for its reliable performance and good looks.

In 1917, the company released their first pickup truck, dubbed the Model 20 Delivery Wagon. This truck featured a four-cylinder engine and had a payload capacity of one tonne. It was popular with farmers, ranchers and commercial drivers for its robustness and excellent fuel economy.

By 1920, The Diamond T Motor Car Company had become one of the largest manufacturers of trucks in America, producing over 6,000 vehicles per year. They continued to innovate and expand their lineup over the years with various models such as the Model 40 Express Truck (1933) and Model 80 semi-truck (1942).


The original Diamond T Pickup Truck was created by C. Since then, they have become one of America’s largest truck manufacturers producing various models over the years such as the Model 20 Delivery Wagon (1917) and Model 80 Semi-Truck (1942).

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