Who Made the Scottsdale Pickup Truck?

When you think of a Scottsdale pickup truck, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic style and design that has made these trucks so popular over the years. The Scottsdale pickup truck was first introduced in 1982 by General Motors, and it quickly became one of their most successful models.

The design of the Scottsdale pickup featured a rounded body with a low stance and prominent grille. It had an optional all-steel bed and was powered by either a four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine.

The Scottsdale pickup was designed to be both stylish and reliable, which made it an ideal choice for people who were looking for a vehicle that could handle different types of terrain. It was also known for being easy to maintain and having great fuel efficiency.

The truck also had many options available, from different cab styles to larger engines. This allowed people to customize their trucks to suit their needs.

The Designers

The design of the Scottsdale pickup truck was spearheaded by GM designers John Schinella and Bill Mitchell, who worked closely with engineers from Fisher Body Craftsman Company. They worked tirelessly to create a vehicle that would be both stylish and reliable, while still being affordable for consumers. Together they created a timeless design that has become one of GM’s most iconic vehicles.

The Legacy

The legacy of the Scottsdale pickup truck lives on today through its many fans who still drive these classic vehicles around town or take them on long road trips across America. The durability of this truck makes it perfect for those who need an affordable yet reliable vehicle with plenty of space in the back for cargo or equipment. No matter what you use your Scottsdale pickup truck for, you can be sure it will always provide dependable performance and timeless style no matter where you go!


The timeless style and dependable performance of the Scottsdale pickup truck have made it one of General Motors’ most iconic models. It was designed by John Schinella and Bill Mitchell in partnership with Fisher Body Craftsman Company, resulting in a vehicle that is both stylish and reliable while still being affordable for consumers. Today, these classic vehicles are still being driven around town or taken on long road trips across America – proving that the legacy of the Scottsdale Pickup Truck will live on forever!

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